Define and Identify Cases - case definition and line listing

  1. Case Definition - establish with the 4 components or standard critieria for determining who has the disease or condition
    • Clinical information - about the disease or condition
    • Characteristics - the effected people
    • Location or place - as specific as possible as restaturant, county, or several specific areas
    • Time sequence - specific time during which the outbreak or condition occurred
  2. Idenitification of specific cases - kind & number - count specific cases
    • Confirmed - have diagnosis with case definition plus lab verification
    • Probable - many factors point to diagnosis but my lack lab verification
    • Possible - some factors point to diagnosis
    • Note: Initial reports may be only a small sampling of the total problem. Be sure to expand search to determine the true size and extent of the problem.
  3. Line Listing - chart of specific cases including information about each case
    • Identifying information - ID or case # - left column + name or initials
    • Clinical Information - diagnosis, symptoms, lab results, hospital - death?
    • Descriptive: Time - date & time of onset + date of report
    • Descriptive: Person - age, sex, occupation, other characteristics
    • Descriptive: Place - street, city or county + specific site
    • Risk factors & possible causes - specific to situation (disease) and outbreak setting